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Experienced Trail Horses For Sale
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All of the horses offered for sale are owned by and reside at Evening Shade Farm, Shelbyville Tennessee. I do not offer for sale consignment, horse sale or trade horses. If I don't believe enough in a horse to invest in him/her with my money, why should I expect you to believe enough in that same horse to consider investing in him/her with your money to have as your next companion and trail/pleasure partner? And I would not consider placing any horse until I've lived with them long enough to know who they really are and how they respond to all the many different aspects of their life. That's not something anyone can know in just a few days or weeks, even though some sellers will take your money for a horse before they've had them long enough to need the farrier - sometimes before they've even seen them in person. These are not horses that I just got in last week or month, from some horse sale, or long distance by the trailer load  from some "horse traders/ brokers" who told me how "trail worthy" they are supposed to be. Ask any potential seller where and from whom their horses come as well as how long they've owned and ridden them personally because you have a need, and a right, to know.  I know all of my horses well. These are horses that I (David) personally checked out and tested before choosing and purchasing them. On average, I look at 12-15 horses to find the "one" that I will ultimately choose to bring home, spending most of my "spare time" traveling all over meeting new people and horses in search of those really special horse partners. With the rare exception, all of my horses are registered "Tennessee Walking" or "Spotted Saddle" as I have found that year after year after year they are the best all around trail/pleasure breeds to be found, bar none. Most of my horses for sale are born and raised here, purchased as yearlings and raised here, and have lived with me sometimes two years and more. Their mouth/teeth are done professionally, they are up to date on vaccinations and wormed every other month, eat Purina Impact 12 feed and top quality hay twice daily, are shod and ridden by me, and are a part of my daily life and my family. As the pictures and videos will show, my gaited trail horses are never ridden in "long shank bits", "gag type bits", "twisted wire bits", or any other harsh style of "Walking Horse" bit and/or using lots of hold with tight reins/curb. All of my gaited trail horses are taught to work first in a plain "snaffle bit" with no curb strap/chain for a very light touch. Only when they fully know and understand what is expected are they finished off with a very mild "Argentine" style snaffle for that last little bit of primping. My horses have normal feet with NO long toes or low heels, NO weighted or oversized shoes and are shod to their natural conformation the same as any normal trail horse of any breed should be. Because every horse is a unique individual, my descriptions, videos, and personal insights are original and specific to that horse and not cookie cutter style with just the name changed or some slight variation inserted here or there. Every horse is described as honestly and accurately as possible. I can relate how a particular horse behaves in my experiences because I know them all very well. I am the one that does the feeding, cleans their stalls, and groom/shoe/ride them each personally. These all important hours with them are not entrusted to anyone else. I will never tell you that any horse I offer is "BOMBPROOF" or resort to "trader gimmicks/ tricks" but can tell you that my horses are ridden and tested regularly by me, not some hired "cowboy/girl", in actual real world trail riding situations and they have proven themselves to be as solid and steady as any living/breathing horses could be. Because I start out with innately calm/laid back NON-SPOOKY horses, they don't have to be "trained" not to spook or scare, so I spend my time riding and having fun teaching new trail skills. I will not embellish with bogus terms or exaggerated claims just to get someone to unwittingly place their safety and trust in a particular horse. You are welcome to come here and test ride any horse you like, pictures and videos are available for viewing, pre-purchase exams before a horse leaves our farm by any vet of your choice (at buyers expense) are welcome, and references from previous buyers will gladly be furnished. Just like you, I want the fit/relationship between horse and human to be a total success so I'll have numerous questions for you just as you will for me. Each of my gaited trail horses has their dental records, shoeing records, AVID microchip registration, a current Coggins test, and are furnished with a brand new health certificate for traveling. Horses are livestock and there are inherent risks involved with any horse you purchase. If you are not prepared to accept those risks, please do not consider a horse from me. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied. Thank you for visiting my site.

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As the videos will show, my horses are without any doubt trail ridden in the real world of hills, water, logs
dogs, etc. I feel that it's very important to actually ride and use these horses on real trails and I show you
with videos which are taken by me (David ) out on real trail rides. I don't stand on or crawl under
my horses (I could), but I do extensively expose them to real trail challenges which is what truly matters.
I almost always take the trail videos from horseback while either sitting on and/or riding down the trail. The
views will sometimes be a little shaky even though I am most often riding hands-free guiding with my legs so
that I can use both hands to "stabilize" the camera. Maybe someday I'll get some high tech hat-camera...Ha

Every one of my horses is grain fed twice daily for as long as they live here to promote optimum health/fitness &
 so they will feel/look their very best. They will look just like their pictures if you come here to see/meet them in
person and most likely will be even FATTER. In 40 plus years spent around hundreds of horses, I've never met
 an under fed/under nourished horse that wasn't "kid/ beginner/ husband broke" because they just don't feel good.
Years ago I asked a knowledgeable horseman "What's your favorite kind of horse?" The immediate answer... FAT!
I've never forgotten that conversation and I couldn't agree with any statement any more whole-heartedly.
Once you've ever had the opportunity to ride and own a great young horse that's got a clean slate, no bad habits,
and no old "baggage" from previous owners/riders, you'll never want the "typical older" horse again
. The really
great older horses you see aren't great because of age but rather because they were really great younger horses...
At the end of the day, I believe that all any of us really want is a reliable horse that is easy/simple to ride because
trail riding is supposed to be fun/relaxing and not another job.  We already have one of those so we can pay for this.

Each one of my horses carries an AVID Microchip for their protection and safety. These are implanted by my
personal vet (invisible/painless/permanent/tamper-resistant), can be registered nationally and traceable, forever.
This provides a foolproof way to protect your next horse and undeniably proves the exact identity of each horse...
Each one of my horses available for sale is officially registered with papers from the Tennessee Walking Horse
 Breeders and Exhibitors Association and/or the Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association.
I have those official registration papers and signed transfers in hand for each and every horse I offer.

To see a larger different version of the pictures below, just click anywhere on the picture. More pictures and videos can be seen by clicking on the links.
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Tennessee Walking Gaited Trail Pleasure Horses for sale Gentle smooth naturally gaited Spotted Saddle Horse
     "Collector's Kentucky Wildman"
  Horsemanship is truly an interpersonal relationship between horse and human
 and by my reckoning, the most important part of horse ownership. It will be at it's
 very best, the sum total of what you are willing to invest in time and effort which
 will in large part, determine what your horse/partner is willing to give back. It's a
 mutual participation activity so if you want to just saddle up and expect the horse
 to do it all, including baby sit while you just hang on, do both of you a gigantic
 favor by getting a big shiny ATV to ride. You'll both go to sleep much happier &
 much less frustrated, and yes, they get just as frustrated with us as we do them.
   Assuming you start with the right kind of horse, there are really only two main
 things you must do to have/keep the horse of your dreams. First, have a very clear
 picture in your mind of exactly who/what that horse is. Second, EVERY THING
 you do with that horse should be working to that end. Your horse MUST always
 believe any/every thing he/she does is in fact 100% YOUR idea--even if it wasn't!
   These two simple concepts will help you develop a loving/lasting/winning/and
 respecting relationship for ALL. It just does not get any better than that, period.


 Ain't He just Grand...
Grandy Andy is one absolutely beautiful guy and he's as
 beautiful on the inside as the outside.  Rarely, in my horse life, have I ever come
 across a horse that I saw as being even half as beautiful in every way as my one
 and only "Wildman" but this boy is mighty close.  And it's really no surprise as
 he is Ebony Collector bred just like my Wildy and his momma was one of the top
 producing mares ever documented in the TWHBEA.  He's got such a wonderful
 mind and disposition that, while I am certain there is somebody out there who
 couldn't ride him, I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love and get along with
 him.  His gait is wonderful at every speed and I find myself not wanting to get off
 of him and just keep riding.  Andy has been taught to park out, side pass, and of
 course he does all the routine stuff that every great horse partner should do such
 as stand perfectly still to mount/dismount, bathe, clip, load, shoe, etc just like the
 perfect gentlman he is.  It is doubtful that I will ever have the opportunity to offer
 such an incredible horse as this again since these bloodlines are all but extinct.
 He'll walk as slowly as you like for as long as you like or gladly step up and get
 on down the trail/road for the asking.  It's so comfortable at any speed that it's
 so much fun you, too, will find yourself wanting to continue on riding for as long
 as possible.  Andy stands a stoutly built 15.1-15.2h but seems even bigger when
 I am on top riding and those keen little ears are always pricked forward except
 for when I talk to him and he turns an ear momentarily to listen.  There are many
 "Grand" things like the "Opry", "Central Station", and more but for my money
 the Grandest of all would be "Andy"... Grandy Andy...  SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA  
Alt. Picture1 2   More Pictures and Videos asap...


All Aboard!!!... Color Train is one ride you won't want to miss because it's
 some kind of fun.  This absolutely beautiful 15.1 hand 6y/o will get you into and
 back out of the station in some real style.  His gait is one of those "to die for" super
 smooth/easy that he'll do for the asking any time and it doesn't require any special
 skills or techniques to ride.  Train is incredibly sweet/affectionate/loving and that
 makes horse partnering time especially special.  He's extremely careful and sure
 footed out on the trail and seems at ease in any type terrain we've encountered from
 flat and open to hilly/rocky/muddy and all the rest of the stuff we ride through here
 in Tennessee.  His mind is rock solid and steady so you don't have to constantly be
 worrying about what might pop up out of the brush or come down the trail.  Train is
 equally at home riding in an urban setting where we can encounter cars, 4 wheelers,
 bikes, hikers, mailboxes, you name it.  He also neck reins the best which is handy,
 although not necessary, to enjoy a great ride because the real key to a horse that
 handles well is having teeth professionally done and being taught to have a soft and
 responsive feel. That is something every horse at Evening Shade Farm is taught to
 know.  Walking down slowly on a loose rein is never an issue so if you ride with a
 few of those folks who still haven't learned the joy of riding a gaited horse, it'll be
 no problem.  But you ought to at least try and convince them to give up trotting, lol.
 Don't mess around and let this Train leave the station before you get on.  Be your
 own Conductor so you've always got a ticket to ride the Color Train.... $8900
 Reg TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3   Head Picture  Video1 2 3 4 

 Your future is looking mighty bright..."Watch the Future" will surely make your trail
 riding days have a promising future.  If you like one to be pretty, sweet, stout, and
 capable then this is most likely your huckleberry. This boy was raised up and ridden
 by my best friend/brother's son and he's had one incredible life up until this point
 and you can believe that I fully intend to make sure the rest is just as awsome when
 I place him.  He's a just about perfect 10y/o, 15.1h trail ride deluxe when it comes to
 horse partners and the very best is yet to come.  When I was finally able to get him
 purchased and brought him home to Evening Shade Farm, he had not been saddled
 or ridden in the last two years because his people just got busy with life and getting
 settled in with a baby on the way.  After bringing him home and having Dr Baker out
 to take care of his dental work, I saddled him up and climbed aboard only to confirm
 what I already knew, which was that he would ride off like he could have been being
 ridden all along the way.  Out on the trail he is the consumate professional, taking on
 any and every challenge with ease and confidence.  He'll gladly walk all day long
 on a loose rein or step up into an absolutely fabulous gait that is so simple and easy
 to ride.  It won't matter if you ride out alone or in a group and he doesn't care if he's
 in the front, middle, back, or if you ride off from the group for a nature break or for
 whatevere reason.  I almost never, and I stress never, get the opportuniy to locate and
 offer an incredible 10y/o horse because very rarely does anyone turn loose of one
 unless they are no longer riding.  I am so thankful I have this chance to do just that.
 Here is your chance to predit your own Future... $8500
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4  Head Picture1 2 3 4  Tack Picture Video1 2 3 4
 TrailPicture1 2  TrailVideo1 2 3  Drone Video of Strawberry You gotta see this...

 It's a Black Tie affair... "
Tennessee Tuxedo" makes every trail ride seem like the time
 of your life and it ain't just the tuxedo that's doing it. I have raised this boy up from a
 yearling and it has certainly been worth the wait for him to bloom.  Tux is now a 4y/o
 and at 14.3h, he's a great size for that rider who likes a horse that is easy to mount from
 the ground without a step, log, etc.  All of my horses are laid back in disposition but this
 boy is really laid back which would make him great for that novice or timid rider that
 isn't looking for a horse that wants to get up and go.  He's not a dead head but he is
 totally content to walk all day everywhere you might go.  Nothing so far has ever made
 him uneasy and no matter what has come along he acts as though he's seen it or been
 around it before.  Tux loves a bath, loads/unloads with ease, stands stock still to mount
 and dismount, is simple to clip/shoe/groom or just about anything else you might dream
 up to do with him.  Traffic, dogs, debris, etc. have always been non-issues with him and
 so I have been able to ride along and enjoy "whatever" while in the saddle.  I seem to
 say over and over how great this young horse or that young horse is, but it really isn't
 magic or bragging on myself because the truly rock solid horses are born, not made. He
 may be one of the most steady minded horses of any age that I have ever had to offer.
 And I search very diligently to locate that type horse and through the years have gotten
 even more selective when choosing my horses to be offered.  This boy is no exception
 and I am glad he's here.  Why just rent a Tux when you can own one... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5  Head Picture1 2 
Video1 2 3 4 5


 Get you some Boo... "The Bronze Booyah" is one very special guy to me and as the
 name Booyah implies, he brings some very special joy to his person and their life.
 Boo is a one of a kind horse who will make that very special horseperson the best
 of partners and companions. His story is very unique for me as he was purchased as
 a 2.5y/o colt who had literally never been touched or handled since birth. He'd also
 never been registered at that time so until I did his paperwork and DNA to get him
 officially registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders Assocoation I never
 knew what his bloodlines were. And since I am very funny about what bloodlines
 I choose that was unusual for me. But he, and a Golden brother, seemed to need me
 so they were purchased and the adventure began. I utilized principles from all of
 the clinicians out there in order to bring these boys to a point where I could begin
 saddle work and riding.  The reward has been well worth the effort and Booyah has
 become quite a special horse. He has a wonderful heart & disposition to compliment
 his beautiful looks. He is an awesome trail and woods horse and has excellent trail
 skills taking on even the most difficult challenges carefully. He walks up the steepest
 terrain one step at a time never rushing and keeping his footing solid & steady. His
 slow walk is very comfortable to ride and his trail gait is very nice to ride.  Boo
 is the kind of horse that needs someone who is looking to really love him because he
 thrives on that interaction. He has always given 100% and done his best to learn each
 and every lesson presented and he has passed every class easily. He stands a stoutly
 built 14.2h and at coming 8y/o he is probably near the optimum size he'll ever be.
 Just like all of my horses, he will stand perfectly still for mounting and wait until he
 has been asked to move (after he flexes both ways) before taking a step. Even after
 an extended layoff he has always gone back to work like he didn't miss a day but he
 enjoys regular interaction with his person, even if you don't ride.  Of course he does
 all the routine stuff like a champ so it's always fun to spend the day with him doing
 whatever you choose from trailering out for a nice ride or giving him a bath so that
 beautiful color shines.  He really thrives on attention and being loved on so the more
 time you spend with  him the more you'll love being with him.  While gold is always
 nice to have, some Bronze Booyah is so much better... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA Alt.Picture1 2 3  Head Picture1 2 3 4
 8/26/16.. I am so very happy that Boo has been selected to be a part a a wonderful
 new family.  He is so very blessed to begin this new chapter in his life and I just
 know that an adventure is about to begin.  This is awesome....

 Somebody call a Doctor... "
Dr. Topper" can cure all your trail riding ills with his super
 personality and winning ways.  One of my good friends even took her 4y/o daughter on
 a short trail ride with her sitting in the front of the saddle.  He's a handsomely built
 14.2h with that beautiful mocha color making him really stand out in any crowd, and
 he's a really great size for easy mounting/dismounting.  Topper has a really nice gait
 that just keeps improving and his calm easy "anything goes" disposition will leave you
 thinking he'd be 13y/o.  His mind is super solid which makes riding in most any setting
 a breeze because he seems like everywhere you go, he's been there before.  He's a solid
 3y/o and as good as he quite naturally is already, it's just going to keep getting better
 as he continues to age/grow.  His price will evolve with his progress so you really don't
 want to wait too long to decide on making him your next trail partner.  I can't say why,
 but it is getting more and more difficult to find the really great horses out there so when
 I have one like Topper it just makes me smile.  And it makes my job so easy because with
 proper schooling and direction this type young horse just gets better and better.  Topper
 is an excellent housekeeper when up in a stall and he's blends right in to any pasture mix
 of horses so he's always easy to manage.  And you won't go very far to find him because  
 he meets you at the gate when he sees you.  Of course he does all the routne stuff just like
 every nice horse partner should do so bathing, clipping, loading/unloading, etc are never
 a problem and your farrier should love him.  All in all, this is simply one of those young
 horses that make the great aged horses we all admire.  You can look and look but it is
 doubtful that you will ever Top this one... $6900
 Reg. NSSHA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5  Head Picture1 2  Video1 2 3 4


When only the best will do... "Walkin' in Platinum"  living at your house and
 being your trail partner might just put a bigger smile on your face than a trip to the
 finest Jewelery Store.  He's a beautiful Palomino and White 3y/o who is fast becoming
 one of the nicest trail horses to be found.  Once he sheds out, that beautiful color will
 really stand out and he'll be turning heads everywhere he's ridden.  KK has a great
 gait at any speed and while he's always happy to walk down the trail, he's equally
 happy to gait whenever asked.  His disposition is wonderful and he has a rock solid
 mind.  He remains calm, cool headed, and steady in any type riding environment so
 it's always a simple pleasure to saddle him up and ride.  At 15.3h and a little more to
 grow, KK is a great size and can carry most anyone with ease.  I always hear from
 folks wanting a great 8-10 y/o horse because they have been conditioned to believe
 that age makes horses great.  It does not.  The really great aged horses were really
 great young horses, just like KK, who haven't been messed up by someone in their
 life, however well meaning, that just did the wrong stuff.  I would gladly take a dozen
 more just like this one but they are getting harder and harder to find.  He does all
 the routine daily stuff like a gentleman and while he's not the best housekeeper in
 his stall, he ain't the worst either.  Loading, unloading, standing to mount, walking
 off on a loose rein, and all the other things looked for in a great partner are all
 standard equipment on my horses and KK is no exception.  Nothing is much better
 than getting to grow with a great young horse.  Why not just go ahead and treat
 yourself to one of the finer things in life...Put some Platinum in your trailer... $7900
  Reg. NSSHA  Alt. Picture1 2  Head Picture1 2   Video1 2 3 4 5 6 7
 I will be getting some new pictures of him as he sheds. He's got about 50% gold.

Having the wonderful opportunity to breed, raise, and train many horses through

 the years, you begin to think about lots of different aspects of the horses' lives we
 share. I always am so amazed at how the siblings seem drawn to each other even
 when they are from different years and foal crops. I really do wonder if they feel
 some familial connection like you hear about among sisters and brothers who get
 separated at birth or early age. I absolutely love raising up and training my own
 horses and having the chance to make them special so then they eventually become
 someone's very own, with no bad habits or "baggage" carried forward from some
 less than ideal life/home. Then that new owner gets the pleasure and opportunity
 to make that horse "theirs" and ride one that is truly unique/custom just to them.
 It's just really hard to imagine how it could be any better than owning, riding, &
 growing with a great minded young horse that hasn't "been around the block".

  I have several horses available who are not yet posted because the
 time/schedule has not cooperated for taking pictures/videos.  Feel free 
 to call for more info and I will be posting pictures/videos asap...

  Several more horses always in the works including a very rare True Blue
 Roan/White Tobiano with perfect markings and an incredible disposition...

 Two absolutely gorgeous fillies with exotic markings. One is Black/White
 and the other is a beautiful shade of Bay/White.  Both are 3y/o, 14.3-15h.
 Every time we ride, our horses are either learning or unlearning something
  from us.  The decision is ours to make and we're conciously/subconciously
 making it every minute we get to spend with them.  Think about it.

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   tennessee walking horse for sale tennessee walker horses for sale gaited trail horse

Palomino Gaited Tennessee Walking trail Horse  Tennessee Walker Walkers gaited trail horses for sale
An absolutely awesome Tennessee countryside view...


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